Social Justice

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Training Time:
  • 1-hour Overview or a 2-hour or 4-hour Session.
  • Sessions can also be tailored to the needs of the state or local affiliate.

Rooted in the vision, mission, and values of NEA, the Social Justice Training Program helps members draw the connection between achieving social justice in schools and realizing academic success for all students. The program lays the foundation for NEA’s social justice work by teaching educators to create more just and effective learning environments.


The Social Justice Training Program is offered as a 1-hour Overview or a 2-hour or 4-hour session. Our program focuses on the following learning objectives:

  • Deepen educators’ understanding of social justice principles and why these principles are relevant to their work.
  • Explore the impact of social justice issues on students and educators.
  • Empower educators to apply the principles of social justice when confronted with
    social oppression in the workplace or Association.

One­-Hour Overview

Introductory lecturette explores the concept of social justice and the
connection between social justice issues and education issues that
impact students and educators. It also highlights key content areas of the
two-­hour and four­-hour workshops.

One­-Hour Overview

Two­-Hour Interactive Session

Interactive exercises introduce the concept of social justice and highlight
the connection between social justice issues and education issues and
policies. Participants explore the levels and types of social oppression
and how those play out in their work settings. The session ends with an
introduction to the five social justice principles and a brief action-­planning

Two­-Hour Interactive Session

Four­-Hour Action­-Planning Session

Participants cover the content of the two-­hour session and go beyond it to
study the five principles of social justice and how to apply those principles
to create more just learning environments for students and better working
conditions for educators. The session includes a longer, more
comprehensive action-­planning activity.

Four­-Hour Action­-Planning Session

“I can use the 5 Faces of Oppression as a tool at a staff meeting in order for people to see what oppression looks like so we can all be aware of the oppression our students experience. ”

NRCP Conference

“This training made me realize that social justice matters to more people than I thought and we need to create that change through social justice for our students! ”



Growing Leaders & Activists

NEA’s Human & Civil Rights Department works to prepare educators to lead confidently and consciously by focusing on a student-centered agenda and social justice issues that impact their students, schools and communities.