Cultural Competence

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Training Time:
  • 2-Hour or 4-Hour Sessions
  • Available Sessions can also be tailored to the needs of the state or local affiliate.

Recognizing that culturally responsive instruction helps educators close achievement gaps, NEA offers a program that expands the capacity of educators to serve students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


The Cultural Competence Training Program has four learning objectives:

  • Deepen participants’ own cultural self-awareness.
  • Increase their understanding of the link between cultural self-awareness and cultural competence.
  • Identify culturally responsive teaching practices.
  • Share strategies for promoting culturally responsive instruction.
“I now understand that in order to be culturally competent, it starts with understanding myself before I can understand my students. ”


“This training made me realize that as a student teacher I may be culturally responsive, but is the curriculum I am teaching? I now know what to look for to ensure it is. ”

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