Bullying & Sexual Harassment

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Training Time:
  • 1 to 2 Hour Session, Depending on Module
  • Sessions can also be tailored to the needs of the state or local affiliate.
Modules: 3

Recognizing the pervasive role bullying plays in the lives of today’s students, NEA offers a national program to engage members in bullying prevention—providing members with resources and skills to prevent student-to-student bullying, cyberbullying, sexual harassment, and sexting.


The Bullying and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Intervention Program have 3 learning objectives with accompanying modules and tailored seminars:

  • Bullying Awareness
  • Understanding Bullying and Sexual Harassment
  • Tailored Seminars

Bullying Awareness

1 hour minimum
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Bullying Awareness

An awareness workshop introduces participants to NEA’s Bully Free Awareness Kit, which covers three inclusive topics: What is Bullying? How Do I Intervene?, and How Do I Advocate?

Understanding Bullying and Sexual Harassment

2 hours minimum
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Understanding Bullying and Sexual Harassment

An interactive workshop explores four interrelated topics (bullying, sexual harassment, cyber bullying, and sexting), examines the relevance of federal and state laws and policies, and shares key resources and prevention strategies.

Tailored Seminars

2 hours minimum to 2 days maximum
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Tailored Seminars

Longer seminars are geared to a specific audience (e.g., education support personnel), unique issues (e.g., cyberbullying), and/or local need (e.g., planning a school-wide approach to bullying prevention). The expanded use of interactive learning and planning tools embeds knowledge and leads to enhanced follow through.

“Because of this training, I can educate fellow paraeducators in my building to advocate for those who are bullied, but also educate those labeled as bullies to help them understand bullying behavior. ”

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“I learned ways that I can intervene if a situation occurs on my bus, but also educate those on my bus about acceptable and unacceptable behavior. ”


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