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Center for Social Justice



The vision for the Center for Social Justice is racial and social justice for every student in every school and in every community.


CSJ Mission Statement

The National Education Association has a long history of standing up for justice and speaking out against injustice. The NEA Center for Social Justice will proudly carry on this tradition. As educators and agents for social justice, we will fight for what is best for our students, never forgetting that our students live in “the fierce urgency of now.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
To this end, we will engage with our members, families, students and community leaders in the work of rooting out the systemic racism in our society and institutions which prevents so many of our young people from succeeding.

We will support collective actions that challenge the chronic neglect of schools which underserve students of color and other marginalized young people.

We will champion education over incarceration and we will fight to keep families together.

We will help our members make schools supportive and affirming places for all students, including LGBTQ students.

We will advocate for English Language Learners and support their demands for culturally relevant instruction.

We will foster relationships with community organizations to support our work with and within communities of color.

And we will unite with social justice movements that seek a transformative change in our society.

Because anything less will fail our students.


About CSJ

NEA’s Center of Social Justice (CSJ) represents the intersectionality of the Association’s racial, social and education justice values. CSJ advances NEA’s vision of great public schools for every student through professional supports, partnerships and activism that equips educators to be powerful advocates for teaching, learning and living conditions students and members deserve. We provide guidance and support efforts to build capacity and take strategic action to disrupt and eventually eradicate all forms of oppression in our schools and beyond.

CSJ is comprised of two departments, Community Advocacy & Partnership Engagement (CAPE) and Human & Civil Rights (HCR). At the local, state and national level, CAPE brokers the partnerships with communities of color (American Indians/Alaska Natives; Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders; African American; Hispanic) and community organizations that connect Association priorities with the greater societal good. Mutually beneficial to all stakeholders—Affiliates, members, partners—these relationships enhance the capacity and effectiveness of the education justice movement.

HCR provides student-centered, research-based and educator-driven programming that imparts the knowledge, advocacy and engagement members need to advance racial and social justice in education in the 21st century, globally-connected, interdependent world. HCR also connects educators to the people, places, and spaces where the racial and social justice movement building happens.

The Center for Social Justice is dedicated to lifting the voices of educator-leaders for the opportunity for all students no matter their zip code.

CSJ awards grants and provides technical assistance to advance the racial justice, community organizing, and community and parental engagement goals of NEA affiliates.

NEA funds and organizes trainings for NEA members. They are not open to non-NEA members unless otherwise specified. Non-NEA members who would like to attend a training should consider joining NEA, an Association of educators dedicated to advancing their profession and creating great public schools for every student. Join NEA online or ask a colleague in your school or workplace who is an NEA member for more information.

Growing Leaders & Activists

NEA’s Human & Civil Rights Department works to prepare educators to lead confidently and consciously by focusing on a student-centered agenda and social justice issues that impact their students, schools, and communities.