We hope this message finds you and your families safe, healthy and in good spirits.  As we continue to support members, students and our communities during this crisis , your health and safety continue to be our top priority and the driving force for decision-making as we monitor the situation daily.

Given current actions being taken by states and municipalities, as well as wanting to be sensitive to all the difficult choices and decisions in front of us all, we are postponing  the launch of the Conference on Racial and Social Justice (CRSJ) registration until April 20th. We are hopeful that within the next 3 weeks, we will have a better sense about what lies ahead and the feasibility of continuing forward with the Conference.

At that time, we will share relevant details and information.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding registration please email  All other inquiries or concerns should be sent to  Conference on Racial and Social Justice Team, at

NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards

In similar fashion, the organization is studying the feasibility of hosting our annual awards gala. Tickets sales for the awards will be postponed until a later date. States will be notified immediately when a decision has been made in this regard. Should you have any questions related to the NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards, please email

Thank you for your ongoing advocacy and leadership on behalf of our members and students during this time.   


In unity,

Conference on Racial and Social Justice & Human and Civil Rights Awards Planning Teams


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The Center for Social Justice is dedicated to lifting the voices of educator-leaders for the opportunity for all students no matter their zip code.
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NEA Human and Civil Rights is a department within the Center for Social Justice. NEA’s Human & Civil Rights Department works to prepare educators to lead confidently and consciously by focusing on a student-centered agenda and social justice issues that impact their students, schools, and communities.

Through leadership training, professional development and member activism, NEA’s Human and Civil Rights department aims to identify, develop and lift the voices of educator­leaders who advocate for opportunity for all students no matter their zip code.

NEA funds and organizes trainings for NEA members. They are not open to non-NEA members unless otherwise specified. Non-NEA members who would like to attend a training should consider joining NEA, an Association of educators dedicated to advancing their profession and creating great public schools for every student. Join NEA online or ask a colleague in your school or workplace who is an NEA member for more information.


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“After attending the diversity training offered here in Washington, as a teacher I have noticed that I am now more aware of my own culture and how it can have an impact on the different cultures of my students.” -Educator, Washington, D.C.


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